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Operation Pet Rescue


What is O.P.R.?
Operation Pet Rescue or OPR is one The Creative Side Guild's efforts at helping out the Neopian Community! We take pets from the pound who have been abonded and we nurse it back to health as well as paint it and raise it's mood. :) Then we return the pet back to the pound with a 100 times better chance of being adopted by a new owner forever!

How is O.P.R. possible?
Well if we painted each pet by buying a PB it would be very impossible but since we have a spare lab ray on the Luchiy account in the guild we are able to paint pets for free buy using the lab ray! :) Plus we now have other guild members helping out by using thier own lab ray access to adopt and help even more pets! It might not be as fast as painting the pets with a brush but atleast it's free and the pets will also gain stats! :)

Is there anyway I can help?
Of course we could always use help! If you would like to help please donate any of the following items to Luchiy:

  • Food - to keep the pet well taken care of, and happy!
  • Toys - to keep the pet happy. Would hate to send pets off in a bad mood.
  • Paint Brushes - we do NOT need these, but if you have a spare one you don't want it could help speed up the process of returning the pet back to the pound. :)

    What Pets Have Been Rescued?
    Every time a pet is rescued and returned a 'O.P.R. Rescue Report' is posted on the Creative Side website. To visit the website and read the reports goto the Creative Side LiveJournal Community!

    Current Rescue Pets

    name: unseenbeauty
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