Carolyn (pancakequeen) wrote in creative_side,

Meet the Council


  • Carolyn // Leader/Webmaster - Created the guild in July of 2003 with her friend Geoff at the time.

  • Marissa // Co-Leader - She has been one of the most dedicated and active members in the guild since almost the beginning.

  • Liz // Games Director - She runs many of the guild games and activies.

  • Catheriine // Board Moderator - We all know her as Cat, but she won't bite. She's actually quite nice if you run into her on the guild message board.

  • APPLY NOW // Job Manager - Responsible for hiring and paying members who hold jobs within guild.


  • APPLY NOW // Secretary - Records any important dates on the guild calender and also makes council aware of any upcoming events. :)

  • APPLY NOW // Advisor - This is the guild's info. seeker. Basically he is the council's know-it-all! ;)

  • APPLY NOW // Inventory Manager - In charge of restocking guild shops such as the 1/2 codestone shop.

  • APPLY NOW // Beauty Contest Support Specialist - In charge of beauty contest support for the guild members.

  • Timmy // Carolyn's Husband - He basically does whatever Carolyn tells him to.
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