Carolyn (pancakequeen) wrote in creative_side,

New Member?

First of all, thanks sooo much for joining!! We couldn't have been this successful without all of you! :) Don't forget to claim your newbie pack within the first 3 weeks you are in the guild. Also, why not post a message in the guild so everyone knows you're here! If you have a livejournal you can goto the guild's community @ this page and post there! We look forward to meeting you!

Want a higher rank? First read the Rank Requirements Page. If you have already read that page then you know that you have to earn rank points in order to get a better rank. There a many different ways to earn rank points, and we (the council and guild members) are always coming up with more ways. Some of the things you can participate in to earn rank points are the referral system, Member of the Month, Pet of the Month, and The Weekly Quest! To keep track of your points and contributions to the guild go here.

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