Carolyn (pancakequeen) wrote in creative_side,


YAY! You made a wise decision by joining the Creative Side Guild! As one of the benefits of being a member you are entitled to a FREE newbie package! To make sure people don't just join, get the package, and leave, we require that you have atleast 10 posts and that you have been in the guild for less than 3 weeks before you claim your newbie pack. If you take longer than 3 weeks to get 10 posts on the message board you do not qualify for a newbie pack!

NOTE: Do not post multiple post in a row, and please never less than 3 sentences per post. For example don't just post the word "Hey" and then post again "Where is everyone?". Not only is that annoying but it will not count towards your posting requirement for the newbie pack. Only usefull posts will count. Thank you.

Newbie Packs include 1 food item, 1 toy, 1 book, and 1 bottled FAERIE! That's right a FAERIE! Hehe. All specific items are random, but they will always be one of each of the four listed above.

To request your newbie pack you must neomail Carolyn aka preciousisprecious here! Once she approves your request you can than go here and bid a junky item to trade for your newbie pack! :)

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