Carolyn (pancakequeen) wrote in creative_side,


1. No Profanity.
Profanity is not allowed in the Creative Side Guild message board located on neopets but it is allowed in our livejournal community as long as you use an lj-cut.

2. No Begging.
Please do not beg or request for stuff. Earn them by participating in the guild contests or by playing some games and working on your shop.

3. No Scamming.
Scammers stay away! If we find out you are a scammer, you can be sure our whole guild will be reporting you to the neo-police.

4. No Spamming.
Please do not spam the message board or in the guild chat room with the same repeated messages. No one-liners or posts that are completely pointless.

5. Be Polite.
Do not call other people aweful names and respect one another.

6. Have Fun!
What point would it be to having a guild if it wasn't fun?

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