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When you refer members to the guild AND they let council know that you recommended them, you will receive the following from our Referral Points System:

  • 1 person - A Scratchcard
  • 5 people - Random Book
  • 10 people - Codestone or Faerie
  • 20 people - 3 Codestones or 3 Faeries
  • 50 people - A PAINTBRUSH!

    Each person you refer earns you a referral point along with 3 rank points. You can save up your points and collect them for the prize you want! Neomail the Council Prize Vault when you are ready to collect your prize. Whenever you choose to turn in your collected points for a prize your score will be reset.

    Referral Points Table
    User Name
    Referral Points
    anniewang3000 1
    bandg33k11 1
    cartoonbabyboy 1
    jenna165396 22
    knuckles157819322 3
    maxiena400 1
    scarpheonix 1
    schorchy195 2
    sugar_cane100 1
    YourfaveCharity 1
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